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Appleton Greene & Co

Appleton Greene & Co services clients within the majority of industry sectors and geographical locations. Although many of the companies that are listed on this web site are large corporations, Appleton Greene does service small to medium sized businesses as well. As a rule, we tend to attract proactive organizations that are operating internationally. A client company does not necessarily need to be a large company to be considered global, Appleton Greene itself is a prime example of that. We still consider ourselves to be a small company, operating in a niche market, yet we are still able to operate on a global scale. There are many small to medium sized businesses which do the same.

As a guideline for potential new client companies, we provide the following corporate profile for Appleton Greene & Co clients:

01. Annual turnover – USD $10m
02. Gross profit – 10% of annual turnover
03. Number of departments – 5
04. Number of employees within each department – 10 (50 in total)
05. International – trading in at least 2 different countries
06. Global – human resources located within at least 2 different countries
07. Growth – company should have achieved at least 2.5% growth in annual turnover during the last 5 years
08. Sustainability – A steady return on capital employed should have been achieved during the last 5 years
09. Corporate training budget – should constitute at least 10% of annual turnover
10. Corporate training ratio between internal and external training providers – 1:1

While none of these requirements are set in stone, it does provide clients with an idea about the position that their organization should ideally be in to obtain the maximum benefit from Appleton Greene standard and bespoke programs.

Appleton Greene & Co

Appleton Greene & Co understands that industry knowledge and experience is vital for clients. If clients are interested in an Appleton Greene corporate training program, or if they are interested in employing the services of a certified learning provider, or an accredited consultant, one of the first questions that they will ask is about the required industry knowledge and experience. Appleton Greene has experience within most major industry sectors through it’s global network of accredited consultants and certified learning providers and even if a particular standard program has not been developed within your industry sector, it can still incorporate implementation by accredited consultants who do have experience within your industry sector. This tends to ensure that Appleton Greene programs constitute a critical success factor for client companies.

Industry sectors currently serviced are as follows: Accountancy; Advertising; Aerospace; Agriculture; Automotive; Aviation; Banking & Financial Services; Biotechnology; Chemicals; Construction; Consultancy; Consumer Goods; Defense; Digital; Education; Electronics; Energy; Entertainment; Fast Moving Consumer Goods; Food & Beverage; Franchise; Government; Healthcare; Hypermarkets & Supermarkets; Insurance; Internet; Logistics; Manufacturing; Media & Marketing; Mining; Non-Profit & Charities; Oil & Gas; Real Estate; Restaurants; Retail; Technology; Telecommunications; Transport; Travel & Tourism; Utilities.

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Appleton Greene & Co

Appleton Greene is a small, niche corporate training provider, operating on a global scale. The majority of our people work remotely from a variety of different international geographical locations. We have accredited consultants, learning providers, professors, service support assistants and clients, located in the United States, Europe, Switzerland, Canada, Middle East, Africa, India and Pakistan, China, Japan, Far East, South America, Australasia and the Caribbean.

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Appleton Greene & Co

This list comprises a selection of international organizations, from within each industry sector, that have employed the services of Appleton Greene Consultants, Learning Providers, Standard Programs, or Bespoke Programs, either directly or independently. This provides clients with an insight into the extensive international industry experience that is available from Appleton Greene.

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